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Warehousing World Co

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The enterprise is located in Um Al-Baidh area (Sitra – Opposite Al Bander Resort) at Building 656, Road 16, Block 616. The Commercial Registration # is 65001-6. The parent Company – 'FIVE Star International' is a trading Company with trade licenses for import and export of various goods. One of its branchs is 'Warehousing World' which deals with the third party logistics operations. The company's business activity relates to cargo packing, stacking, delivery, and storage. Warehousing World is a privately owned Bahraini Company. The top management comprise of the Board of Directors. The warehouse is managed by the professionals in the logistics and IT industry. The warehouse offers end to end solutions - starting from imports (customs clearance) to despatches to local customers as well as exports. Mission & Vision Our vision is to fulfill the storage demands for various customers who wish to store their goods at various temperatures in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Such storage is integrated with top quality of service with the latest state of the art technology in the warehousing field with competitive rates for storage and other services. The company aims to: •Fulfill the storage demands in Kingdom of Bahrain. •Provide high quality storage, cargo packing, stacking, delivery services. •Integrate the cargo and storage services for clients. •Provide competitive services to local manufacturers, importers and exporters. •Provide the high edge technology in storage and warehouse services. •Establish added value services. •Provide temperature controlled storage (-26 Deg. C to + 32 Deg. C).