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Track your fleet to keep your business on the right path

VIVA Fleet Management is a highly-effective fleet tracking system. Without the need to buy any expensive hardware, you can track your vehicles in real time, track their movement history, track specific areas, measure drivers’ rest period, driving patterns and much more.


Benefits of VIVA Fleet Management


Cost Effective

With VIVA Fleet Management, you can simply track your vehicles without any upfront capital investment.

Give you full visibility

Our powerful solution will not only track your vehicles, but gives you the views, alerts, reports and dashboards needed to keep a full watch over your fleet and workforce in real-time, leaving you in control at all times.

Maintenance and Support

No need to worry about your tracking maintenance as we operate and provide support at anytime, all year around without any additional cost.

Attractive Data Roaming add-ons

Save on data roaming by subscribing to our special data roaming add-ons for your fleet management plans.

VIVA Fleet Management main features

Area search

When your fleet is on the move, it’s tough to keep track. With Area Search, you can find out if your fleet has passed a certain location by simply drawing an area on the map.

Real time tracking

Increase operational efficiency with real time tracking. Your vehicles can be used more efficiently and unnecessary driving can be reduced or eliminated. Furthermore, with real time view, you can verify that your vehicles are used according to your company policies.

Idle status 

Find out your fleet idling status at a glance by simply looking at the map, without the need to generate any reports.


With GeoFencing, you can create GeoBound areas and assign particular vehicles to a specified GeoArea. Using automated driver alerts or our GPS reporting dashboard, you know precisely when your vehicles enter and exit the GeoArea and view where there is vehicle overlap.

Time on-site measurement

You now can use the Time On-site Reports with Geofences in addition to point of interests to see the time spent by the driver in each location and identify the missed locations which were set to be visited.

Track history management

Save track history for up to 60 days or clear tracks after certain period of time.


Dashboard provides a real time overview of your Vehicle Tracker application and better control of your fleet and operations. Check important information like the number of vehicles idling, distance traveled or any other events triggered and their duration.


Fleet Management system can send Email and SMS notifications based on event rules set by the Fleet administrator.


VIVA Bahrain to implement fingerprint registration

VIVA Bahrain a leading telecom operator in the kingdom will start validating the identity of its customers in compliance with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority s regulation. The regulation entitled Sim-Card Enabled Telecommunications Services Registration Regulation was issued on December 27 2015 a statement said. In compliance with the regulation VIVA Bahrain will start from July 12 cap... View more

Viva Bahrain, Memac Ogilvy win big at Cannes

Viva Bahrain the kingdom s innovative telecom operator and Memac Ogilvy & Mather one of the leading multinational communication agencies have earned three prestigious Bronze Lions at the recently concluded 64th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France. This was the first Cannes Lions awarded to any telecom company in the kingdom putting Bahrain firmly on the global map of creati... View more