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Sharif Group

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Popularly known as Mohamed Sharif Moh’d & Sons, was founded by Mohamed Sharif Al-Rayes in 1956 in the capital city of Manama, in Bahrain. Established in the 1960s as tailoring business during the development of Bahrain’s commercial and retail industry, it marked an era of fine tailoring in Bahrain.

 From its humble beginnings, the enterprise expanded to the trade of watches in 1971, and the establishment of a garment factory in 1981. Soon after its gradual success, the venture had expanded into different companies catering not just to tailoring, garments and timepieces, but moreover, the trading and retailing of textiles, fashion jewellery, leather, gifts and promotional items, as well as perfumes and beauty products.

 Sharif Group is divided into three divisions:

 ·         Watches and Fashion Jewellery Division:

o   A La Mode

o   @time

·         Garments and Tailoring Division:

o   Sharif Garments

o   Woolhouse

·         Perfume and Cosmetics Division:

o   Parfume