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RMA Middle East SPC

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RMA, an owner-operated company founded in 1969, is one of the leading manufacturers of components for gas and oil pipelines in the world today. Our pipeline equipment has been deployed successfully worldwide for many years. Our products make us the market leader in the German-speaking world. We currently employ over 500 specialized and highly qualified staff at our seven state-of-the-art sites. These arebased across the globe and are equipped with cutting-edge machinery. Our employees can respond quickly and flexibly to your requirements and are always interested in meeting potential and existing customers. “From Baden-Württemberg into the big wide world” sums up RMA’s journey to date. Our two production facilities in Rheinau and Kehl in Germany lay the foundation for our success. Rheinau is also home to RMA Measuring and Control Technology. We became a state-approved testcentre for gas measuring instruments in 2008. Since then, we have also been successfully developing new generations of innovative ultrasonic gas meters, offering a broad range of services for all aspects of gas meter technology. We attach great importance to both innovation and tradition. We have long been one of the largest companies offering apprenticeships in the region. In 2008, we therefore founded RMA Training to place further emphasis on training and education at our company. In doing so, we are underlining our conviction that long-term success is only possible with well-trained and motivated employees. To be closer to our customers and remain competitive in the future, we manufacture our products not only at our two sites in Germany but also since 1997 in Poland. We founded two additional production facilities in 2011: One plant in Bahrain to serve the Middle East and one plant close to Moscow to serve Russia and central Asia. Supported by sales offices in France and the UK plus an international sales network, RMA is able to produce and supply its high-quality products worldwide in close proximity to its customers. Our success is based on close cooperation with our discerning customers, in other words – with you. Our products are therefore extremely user-friendly. Innovations and new developments are geared towards your needs and the experiences gained from practical implementation. As a result, we have already been able to patent many of our technologies and launch them successfully on the market. In our industry, we believe that standing still actually means taking a step backwards. We do everything in our power to deliver high-quality products. As a manufacturer of pipeline equipment, it goes without saying that safety always comes first. In the interest of our customers, we never make compromises in this respect. You, too, can trust in our materials, our patented technology and the quality awareness of our employees. Please read on to gain an insight into the products we offer in the area of transport and distribution. If you would like more information on individual products, you can find our entire portfolio, including specific product details, on our website www.rma-middle-east.com