Ric's Kountry Kitchen WLL

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Ric's Kountry Kitchen WLL

Stand first: This home-grown restaurant of Ric’s Kountry Kitchen now serves home-style Tex-Mex food by spicing up its offering and Introducing the El Rancho, Steakhouse & Cantina. A longstanding fixture on the local dining scene, Ric’s Kountry Kitchen built its reputation of making American cuisine as if served at home. “A home away from home has long been our motto to describe what we always sought to achieve at Ric’s Kountry Kitchen,” says Rick “And to this we have now added the Steakhouse & Cantina.” Upstairs at Ric’s, in order to offer a different setting and Varity of food. Over the summer months the restaurant has undergone a renovation to create a seamless transition from the downstairs area, which hosts Ric’s, to the upstairs venue. Upstairs has its own entrance, through a courtyard corridor of vibrant colors that reflect the Mexican spirit. “Our Tex-Mex menu includes the favorites you would expect from the Southwestern style of American cuisine, notes Rick” To include certified 100% USDA Black Angus Steaks & Prime Rib.” While Tex-Mex tones down the more spicy aspects of Mexican cuisine, customers can still order food as hot as they like it.” One of the signature features at Ric’s is the emphasis on ‘home’ and being treated like one of the family. With additional new décor, the Upstairs restaurant plans a grand opening soon.