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Started in 1968 to meet the ever-growing demand for all kinds of Chemicals in the Island of Pearl… Acting as a catalyst the Late Founder-Director Mr. Essa Abdulla Al Moosa purified the business morals and ethics and established the presence in the industry. Within a short period, The Prosperity Trading & Contracting Co. WLL prospered to a wonderful extent and extended its wings to become major suppliers in Basic and Specialty Chemicals catering the needs of various Industries such as Petrochemicals, Textiles, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Aluminum Industries and other production companies. We also supply Chemicals for Water treatment for Boilers, Desalination Units, Cooling Towers and Chilled Water systems, Swimming pools, Materials required for Fiber glass /marble/Paint Manufacturers / laundries, Cleaning Materials etc …. When it comes to chemicals, M/s. The Prosperity Trading & Contracting Co. WLL has the right to Shout The Loudest in supplying all kinds of Chemicals for Industries, now we have proved ourselves for the same besides other Chemicals which is included in our present stock and they are mentioned in the Product list . Moreover, M/s. The Prosperity Trading & Contracting Co. WLL did not stop at this level but it has gone ahead with other projects to supply certain Chemicals, like Sewage Conditioner (Ferrous Sulphate), Caustic Soda Liquid, Sulphuric Acid etc. diluted at as different strength per the requirements of our regular customer. Above that we are associated with Water Treatment & Chemical Manufacturers such as Basic Chemical Industries, Dammam, KSA, Veolia, KSA, Taprogge-Germany, Jessberger – Germany, Occidental Chemicals USA etc. In conclusion this is the history of M/s. The Prosperity Trading & Contracting Co. WLL the present status and we expect more and in future. Since we are keeping good name, good connection and good cooperation with everybody concerned, especially the business community noticed whether inside Kingdom of Bahrain or outside Kingdom of Bahrain.