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Lanterns Lounge & Restaurants

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Lanterns is an exclusive high profile and Award-Winning restaurant with its striking design of age-old traditional set-up and casual atmosphere making it a mystically beautiful and interesting place to dine while reflecting the moods and colours of India. 


Lanterns have multiplied across the island and now consist of 5 branches in Budaiya-Adliya-Juffair-Durrat-Riffa. Each restaurant offers its own unique variations of Food, Entertainment and Ambiance so don’t forget to visit all our branches to experience its very own unique offerings. 


“Curry is not one dish, nor every dish a curry”. Unforgettable aroma of India is not just heavy scent of jasmine and roses on warm air but also the food of India is as colorful and diverse as its culture.


India has a rich palate of mixtures and like its architecture; the dining menu at Lanterns offers Anglo Indian flavors, ageing back from ancient to modern culinary influences of Asia, Portuguese, modern English and India combined- All of which represents the eating habits of Indians in todays society. 


For detailed information on our menu and buffet pricing, please visit our website at