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Banagas meeting the gas needs of the kingdom

February 26, 2017

The company produces approximately 3000 bbls of propane 3200 bbls of butane and 4500 bbls of naphtha per day for its own account as well as 2500 bbls of product from refinery off gas under a processin... View more

Boosting natural gas supplies substantially in the kingdom

September 26, 2016

Saudi Aramco plans to nearly double its supply of gas over the coming decade to more than 20 bscfd taking clean gas to more than 70 per cent of its utilities fuel mix among the highest rates in the wo... View more

Tackling gas deficit in oil-rich kingdom

March 28, 2011

IN THE next few months Saudi Arabia will make important progress in addressing its chronic gas shortage with construction set to start on the 5 billion Wasit gas development and the 3 billion Shaybah ... View more



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