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BFG Advanced Facades WLL

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BFG Advanced Facades is a market leader in the supply of GRC & UHPC facades screens, 3D wall cladding panels and wall panels, balustrades, ceilings,  columns, and domes.

Admired for their strength and quality, our products are able to stand rigorous industrial use, offering water resistance, heat resistance, ease of use,  affordability, attractive designs, and low maintenance costs.

BFG Advanced  Facades delivers the full life cycle of services, from conceptualization and modeling to iterative design development, to systems and process engineering and structural design, to material and product development, to testing, sampling, and prototyping, to manufacturing, all the way to delivery and installation. Using the highest quality raw materials, we provide you with fully inspected and tested products from our laboratory. This way you can rest assured that you are acquiring authentic GRC products that are durable, strong, light in weight, and long-lasting.