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BFG Advanced Facades WLL

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Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete or GFRC is a composite comprising cement, fine aggregate, water, chemical admixtures and alkali resistant glass fibers.

Glass fibers serve as a reinforcement to enhance the concrete' flexural, tensile and impact strengths and allow the concrete to be casted into thinner structures. 

Advantages of GFRC?

1.     GFRC is a lightweight, durable material that can be casted into thinner profiles that makes it more economical to handle, transport and erect. It requires lighter support system than traditional precast concrete.

2.     The glass fibers added to the mix reinforce the GRC internally; it does not need to be reinforced with any other kind of reinforcement externally.

3.     It can be casted into virtually any shape. At BFG we manufacture wall panels, Cornish, columns, domes, fireplace surrounds, moldings, decorative screens and mashrabias, handrails and outdoor landscape furniture. 

4.     GFRC does not crack easily due to the special polymers that are added in the mix.

5.    It is fire resistant.

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is on the
leading edge of concrete innovation. It provides a new technology that provides
solutions to many of the architect’s challenges. Because of its superior properties
it makes it easy to design thin, complex shapes, curvatures and
highly customized textures – applications that are difficult or impossible to
achieve with traditional reinforced concrete elements. 

 Reinforced with high-carbon metallic fibers,
structural UHPC products can achieve compressive strengths up to 29,000 psi
(200 MPa) and flexural strengths up to 2,900 psi (20 MPa). For architectural
UHPC applications, Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) fibers are typically used. The
key to UHPC strength is in the ratios used in the mix as well as the mixing
sequence needed to achieve homogenous mix and tightly packed molecules and strong


It is Homogenous
in texture and color.

Has High
Structural and flexural strengths.

impermeability which mean no capillary pores that would cause freeze-thaw
degradation typically found in pre-cast concrete.

and abrasive resistant


Can be
molded into any complex shape with very long spans.

of finishes and colors can be achieved with this material.