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Gulf Hotels Group posts 2016 net profit of $42.4 million

February 16, 2017

The Gulf Hotels Group (GHG) a leading hospitality chain in Bahrain has reported a gross operating revenue of BD36.377 million ( 95.8 million) and a net profit of BD16.133 million ( 42.4 million) for t... View more

Gulf Hotels Group posts $15m H1 profit

August 26, 2012

THE Gulf Hotels Group (GHG) has announced a net profit of BD5.72 million ( 15.2 million) for the first six months of 2012 as against BD3.6 million ( 9.5 million) achieved in the first half of 2011 mar... View more

Gulf Hotels Group going strong

February 27, 2012

BAHRAIN S Gulf Hotels Group will continue with its expansion plans announced last year having opened the 237-bedroom four-star deluxe K Hotel in Bahrain during 2011 and confirming that an additional p... View more

Expansion on the cards for Gulf Hotels Group

April 29, 2010

After more than 40 years as a solo operator Bahrain s Gulf Hotel will launch a sister property later this year and is looking to further expansion. Though Gulf Hotels Group opened the Ocean Paradise R... View more



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