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Cold Stone Airconditioning Solutions WLL

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Cold Stone Air Conditioning Solutions W.L.L. is a specialized A/C services provider, drawing on the owner’s vast experience with some of the world’s biggest industrial players including Saudi Aramco, Sabic and the Royal Commission. The company blends industrial and commercial HVAC services, from window air conditioners to central, split and chilled water systems, as well as air handling units installations and replacement services, GI sheet metal ducting in accordance with SMACNA and ASHRAE standards, industrial and commercial exhaust fans installation, installation of inertial filters with bleed fans, Hepa filtration systems for hospitals and clean rooms, and blast valves for blast resistant buildings. Our specialized teams of engineers are well versed in HVAC design study and verification. Our main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the highest work quality in the market, whether that is for high rise buildings, commercial projects or industrial applications