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Capital Club Bahrain to host key Fintech series

February 10, 2019

Capital Club Bahrain is set to join hands with Andra Public relations & Corporate Communications to launch its Fintech series which will feature leading corporates and startups from the kingdom and th... View more

Capital Club Bahrain introduces edible straws

October 4, 2018

Capital Club Bahrain has introduced biodegradable cutlery and edible straws as part of its efforts to improve sustainability practices. The disposable cutleries are made from cornstarch which is eco-f... View more

Capital Club Bahrain invites envoys for Fifa event

June 7, 2018

Capital Club Bahrain will host the 2018 Fifa World Cup in a spectacular manner and will invite the Ambassadors of their respective countries for throughout the matches. The Skyline Lounge which provid... View more

Viva Bahrain, Capital Club sign strategic tie-up

August 26, 2017

Viva Bahrain a top telecom operator has entered into a strategic business relationship with the Capital Club Bahrain s premier private city club as its exclusive telecom partner offering its members l... View more



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