Bahrain Ship Repairing & Engineering Co BSC

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Bahrain Ship Repairing & Engineering Co BSC

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Founded in 1962, Bahrain Ship Repairing and Engineering Company (BASREC) is one of the most prominent and experienced of its kind within the region. Its rich history and growth in the Arabian Gulf can be traced to its deterministic commitment to its vision and promise of high quality deliverance and benefits to all stakeholders.

Being a Public Shareholding Company, BASREC has shown strong endeavour to improve its economic value for its shareholders, simultaneously participating in its corporate social responsibility to its stakeholders through its pledge to ensure customer satisfaction, safe operations, and environmental protection.


BASREC’s core businesses include Ship Repairing and Allied Engineering Services. Moreover, BASREC also provides additional mechanical products and services such as small boat repairs, inspection, repair of containers and, repair and service of marine and industrial pumps.




* To be the leading ship repair organization in the region.

* To optimize tangible and intangible benefits to all stakeholders.


* Constant improvement to the economic value for our shareholders.

* A focus on state of the art technology and high quality deliverance.

* A continued obligation to an endured customer satisfaction.

* Ensuring safe operations and environment protection.