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Aqua Cool (Jalal Ionics Co WLL)

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Founded in July 1984, Jalal Ionics – Aqua Cool is a leading specialist in Water Treatment & Purification Technology, and a leading producer of Ultra Pure Bottled Drinking Water and Crystal Clear Ice Cubes, a combination that is unique both locally and regionally, and has given us unmatched expertise in the production of high quality and healthy drinking water. We were the first company in Bahrain who started supplying and distributing 5 Gallon Ultra Pure Bottled Drinking Water under the brand name “Aqua Cool” and we have been continuously serving Bahrain with Ultra Pure Bottled Drinking Water for the past 30 years. Although the taste and quality of the water is what makes people buy the product initially, Aqua Cool’s strategic approach to service delivery has allowed us to keep customers happy and trusting and this is where we feel we differentiate from the competition. This has enabled us to emerge as a market leader in both the domestic as well as the commercial sector. We operate a large fleet of vehicles from small support vehicles, medium sized delivery trucks for the delivery of bottled drinking water, to large tanker trailer combinations to deliver bulk drinking water. Our Products & Services: •Aqua Cool – Ultra Pure Bottled Drinking Water (5-Gallon and PET bottles) •Aqua Cool – Crystal Clear Ice Cubes •Consumables (Hot & Cold Dispensers, paper cups, etc.) •Specialized Water (customer/industry specific) •De-ionized/distilled Water •Bulk Water Delivery for different industrial and Domestic applications •Water Treatment Plants (Design, Installation, Operation, and Servicing)