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Dubai launches industrial control systems security standard

March 9, 2020

The Dubai Electronic Security Centre (DESC) has launched the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security standard to provide a new and improved minimal risk framework for industrial security in order to... View more

UK group launches new range of chic fire extinguishers

November 7, 2018

UK-based Fast R Solutions a leading independent health and safety and risk assessment consultancy said it has launched a new range of hand finished fire extinguishers with stylish wall mountings to en... View more

Johnson Controls unveils new range of fire detection systems

June 5, 2018

Johnson Controls a global diversified technology and multi-industrial leader has announced the regional launch of Autocall a brand of fire detection systems offering a full range of solutions and the ... View more

Intel scrambles to protect systems from security flaws

January 5, 2018

Intel is rapidly issuing updates for all types of Intel-based computer systems including personal computers and servers that render those systems immune from both exploits referred to as Spectre and M... View more

UAE upgrades FEDNet security systems

August 12, 2017

UAE s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced the completion the Federal Network (FEDNet) security systems upgrade in a step aimed at protecting more than 35 federal entities. This... View more

Grohe launches smart water security systems

April 5, 2017

Germany-based Grohe a global provider of sanitary fittings has launched two new intelligent water security solutions for the smart home which can be monitored and controlled using the brand-new Grohe ... View more

BAE Systems at Idex: Focus on hi-tech security solutions

February 16, 2017

BAE Systems participation at Idex 2017 in Abu Dhabi next week is built around a range of technologically enhanced defence solutions across land sea air and cyber the company said. These technologies p... View more



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