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Welcome to Delmon Pets Relocators, a pet relocation & animal transport company for the import and export of tame animals accredited to a worldwide organization (IPATA) of likeminded & resourceful pet relocator contacts around the world.

You may have already enjoyed the benefits of using a professional pet relocator& for those who haven’t and are feeling a bit uncertain about where to start or what to do, why not contact one of our dedicated team for a friendly chat.

Our advice, whilst free, is based on many years of hands on experience. Your first call will probably be the most difficult part of coming to terms with needing help to relocate your pet. We will quickly ease away some of the frustration & emotional stress surrounding the daunting task of moving your beloved pet from one country to another.

Whether you are looking for pet import or pet export our team is experienced in providing all necessary assistance and guidance in preparing and obtaining documents, certification, Import Permits from destination Countries, Veterinary support, Government pre departure Certification and endorsements to relocate your pet to most places around the world.

Relocating a pet either on your own, which is perfectly possible, or with help from Delmon Pets Relocators can be relatively expensive, but we will give you peace of mind that your pet will be in safe hands.