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Stratford Holding is a creative, independent PR and Publishing company based in Bahrain with a range of diverse offerings for its clients. Founded in 2010, Stratford supports the vision and strategy of clients through highly focused campaigns that stand out, and cutting-edge books and publications targeting specific customer bases. It offers innovative and highly effective support to companies launching and building their brands in the dynamic Middle East market. The Publishing arm produces critically acclaimed books and publications that are superior in both content and quality of production, with a highly creative approach. Stratford’s anchor publication, bizbahrain, is the first local business media network for the specialist at work at any level in any industry interested in knowing about Bahrain’s economy. It is also the perfect business news source for Bahrain’s ambassadors looking to promote the Kingdom’s market to potential overseas investors.It is distributed widely to key business The magazine has a commitment to be a platform to profile business in various industries operating within the Kingdom. It is a vessel to inform professionals about the latest developments in the economy. The main source of news content is from its sister portal on a monthly schedule. Additionally exclusive interviews and articles are featured with high level industry decision makers throughout the month. bizbahrain promotes the concept of the community in the workplace. Its core objective is to represent and highlight Bahrain’s economy to the world. It stands for the professionalism and diligence of all the successful market players that need to be showcased within the various sectors of the Kingdom’s economy. The magazine is widely distributed to all major business houses, banks and publis spaces. bizbahrain has a partnership with Capital Club whereby the magazine is distributed to all members. bizbahrain has also recently entered a partnership with Gulf Air whereby the magazine is carried on all Gulf Air flights and lounges. It is Gulf Air’s only inflight magazine. Stratford if also the publisher of SEEF LIFE, an exclusive quarterly magazine for the Seef Malls. With high quality photography and interesting articles, it is intended for all Seef Mall tenants, mall visitors and the public. It will feature brands within the mall, new launches, promotions and upcoming events. The magazine is available free of cost at special stands set up at all entrances and food courts of the mall and a minimum quantity is mailed to a database of clients in Bahrain and KSA. Additionally, it is made available for the over 500 tenants of the Seef Malls, representing leading international and regional brands.