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These are the three most important words in Alyousuf Exchange Vocabulary. These three ideals, when brought together, comprise the core of our philosophy. For more than 45 years, the name Alyousuf has been synonymous with providing money exchange and money transfer solutions, dating back to 1973 when Mr. S. Hasan Alyousuf opened the doors of Alyousuf shop at a small store in downtown Manama, Bahrain.

Alyousuf Exchange and money transfer means a few things. It means strong family values and decades of business expertise. It means the merging of tradition and modernity. It also means a passion for high performance and development. We are a united family with a strong vision.


How we are :

Alyousuf is a family business exchange company. We aim to be one of the most people favored brands in Bahrain. Our values remained consistent and strong over the decades. Our morals, and high set of ethics is what we certainly hold ourselves accountable for and form the foundation of how we cater to our customers.


Vision:  Alyex will be a top financial services provider in the GCC by delivering quality , innovative services and creating value for our customers and stakeholders.

Mission: Deliver consistently trusted high standard service and reliable innovative solutions through our empowered employees, guided by our vision and values.


Values: We always take that extra mile to deliver our services through disciplined, effective and efficient operations that are well projected by our entire family.



Alyousuf Exchange Opens Its 11th Branch in Arad

29 August 2018 Alyousuf Exchange one of the oldest exchange and transfer companies in Bahrain opened its 11th branch in Arad on Wednesday 29 August 2018. In line with the company s expansion plans aimed at providing the best services to its valued customers. The founder and chairman of the board Mr. Sayed Hassan Alyousuf cut the ribbon of the opening with a number of VIP guests and employees of th... View more