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Golden Gate to create new record

Jul 13, 2019 5:46 AM

Golden Gate to create new record

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A record breaking concrete pour will take place in Bahrain later this year at a key development.

According to Golden Gate executive director Dhaval Ajmera, the task includes a continuous 30-hour concreting and serves as a major milestone in the progress of the development.

He also revealed that it will be the biggest concrete pour in the history of Bahrain.

“We are currently preparing for the biggest concrete pour in Bahrain’s history for the foundation draft,” he said on the occasion.

“It will be 3.2 metres deep and will hold 9,000 cubic litres of concrete and 1,500 tonnes of steel. The pouring process will go on for a record-breaking 30 hours of continuous concreting.”

He also revealed that Golden Gate has undertaken an initiative of using a unique building technique along with the usage of the latest building equipment for the project.

“We have found the usage of such techniques further increased the trust placed in us by investors and buyers,” he added.

“The appointment of Al Jameel Construction is an added value for our project’s infrastructure due to their extensive knowledge and familiarity with the nature of Bahrain Bay’s land and the specific methods that should be implemented to construct the kingdom’s tallest free-hold residential tower.”

He also added that Al Jameel has fully installed an underground perforated pipe network for the dewatering system which will divert all underground water to one intake point while reducing the water level by five metres under the Golden Gate plot to perform activities in a 100 per cent dry atmosphere.

According to him, Golden Gate’s water network uses gravel and geotextile for filtration meaning that high-quality water is pumped into the sea with a TSS (Total Suspended Solids) level of 1mg per litre – a drastic improvement on the current acceptable limit of 35mg per litre.

Golden Gate vice-president for sales and marketing Eman Al Mannaei said, “We are also setting an example for all upcoming residential projects in the kingdom with the use of latest technologies while implementing stringent safety and quality protocols to create a development that promises investors lucrative long- and short-term returns.

“Golden Gate’s marketing focus highlights the kingdom by creating a tourist landmark in the nation’s capital while working towards Vision 2030 in the preservation of the marine environment through the techniques used in the construction of the tower, as well as by utilising the talents of Bahrainis in the marketing and management of the project.”


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