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Golden Gate joins ABC as Property category sponsor

Jul 13, 2019 5:18 AM

Golden Gate joins ABC as Property category sponsor

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Golden Gate is the latest organisation to join the rapidly growing Arabian Business Community (ABC) Bahrain portal securing one of the most sought after positions on the site.

The company has agreed to sponsor the “Real Estate and Property” category which in the last year has generated more than 16,000 business referrals to companies involved in the property sector in Bahrain.

“The Golden Gate project in Bahrain Bay is Bahrain’s most exciting residential development providing property buyers with the opportunity to own apartments in what will become the most sought-after address in Bahrain” said Golden Gate vice president sales and marketing Eman Al Mannaei whose experience in the property market in Bahrain goes back over 15 years.

“As a marketing professional, I have been searching for the most effective media to reach out to potentially interested buyers and ABC, in my opinion, represents the most innovative and exciting digital platform available generating quantifiable business referrals directly to our profile page on the portal every day. By joining ABC Bahrain, we are looking forward not only to sales referrals but also to the pro-active and ongoing marketing support from a well-established and innovative media partner which will help us promote our development in Bahrain and across the GCC.”

ABC Commercial Manager Kamal Al Yousif said: “We are delighted that Golden Gate has joined the ABC by taking such prominent position on the portal. Golden Gate is currently dominating the kingdom’s property sector with their twin towers development in Bahrain Bay and ABC is already generating a significant number of business referrals from individuals specifically interested in the Golden Gate development.”

Ronnie Middleton, managing director of Al Hilal Group, owners of the ABC portal, said: “ABC will ensure that Golden Gate Property Developers maintain a ‘Top Of Mind’ position on a marketing database which allows literally hundreds of thousands of individuals to search for and connect with specifically identified business categories and companies.”

“As a result, Golden Gate Property Developers can have the confidence that business referrals to their profile or ‘showroom’ on ABC will be from people who are not only interested in property in Bahrain but are specifically interested in the Golden Gate development.”

ABC has grown rapidly over the past five years and now generates close to 150,000 business referrals or visits each month to over 10,000 companies on its Bahrain database. The portal allows companies to add or edit information in any of over 170 business and trade categories across the consumer, commercial, construction, industrial and oil and gas sectors. The Bahrain edition, which was established over six years ago, is linked to a further 14 editions across the GCC and internationally providing a database of over 300,000 companies with an involvement in the region and generating almost six million visits to individual companies each year.

The portal offers the most up-to-date marketing database in Bahrain supported by business news, project and tender information and promotional platforms for community members.


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