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Ithmaar Bank celebrates employees’ academic success

May 20, 2019 1:28 PM

Ithmaar Bank, a Bahrain-based Islamic retail bank, hosted a dinner celebration to honour employees who have recently earned advanced professional certifications.

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The celebration, which was hosted by Ithmaar Bank Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Abdul Rahim, and attended by Ithmaar Bank Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Banking Group, Abdul Hakeem Al Mutawa, Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Support Group, Ravindra Khot and Head of Human Resources, Enas Mohammed Rahimi, was organised by the Bank’s Human Resources department in-line with the Bank’s long-standing commitment to celebrating employee achievements.


A total of twenty-two employees from various departments, including Information Technology, Risk Management, Retail Support, Branches Network, Product Management and Development, Collection Unit, Sharia Compliance, Sales, Legal, Human Resources, and Private Banking, were honoured for having earned various degrees including the Project Management Professional, the Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance, the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate, ISO 27001:2013 Lead Auditor, the Certified Associate in Project Management – CAPM, the Professional Masters in Islamic Banking and Finance and the CIPD Level 3 in Human Resources.


“At Ithmaar Bank, we believe that the Bank’s employees are our greatest asset, and we  invest heavily on their development in order to ensure the Bank’s continuous growth,” said Abdul Rahim. “This in return is reflected in the Bank’s growing success and the continuous development of our products and services to  ensure the delivery of an enhanced banking experience to our customers,” he said.


“I am pleased to congratulate our employees for their success, wishing them all the best in the future,” said Abdul Rahim. “We appreciate our employees’ ambitions and efforts to learn and develop their skills as well as gain new knowledge. We encourage them to earn academic and professional certificates, which gives them more opportunities to success in their career,” he said.


Rahimi joined Abdul Rahim in congratulating the employees and wishing them all the best.


“We are delighted to see so many of our employees earning professional certificates,” said Rahimi. “This is an important factor which helps enrich their careers and contributes toward the development of the Bank,” she said. “We encourage our employees every year to enroll in professional and academic programmes and we have witnessed an increase in the number of employees who are willing to learn and develop their skills further,” said Rahimi. “We will always support our dedicated employees to achieve their goals as this reflects positively on their performance in the Bank and enhance job satisfaction,” she said.


The honoured employees are: Abdulrahman Rashed Abdulrahman Husain, who earned the Project Management Professional certificate, Ali Mohammed Abdulla, who earned the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate certificate, Fatima Mohamed Faraj Ali Redha, who earned the ISO 27001:2013 Lead Auditor, Hamad Mohammed Ali Al Dosseri, Hawra Darwish Ghulom, Khaled Mohammed Ishaq Saffy, Khaled Yusuf Abdulla Al-Ansari, Masooma Asghar Abbas Yusuf, Sayed Ali Adel Salman, Manar Faisal Mohamed Othman Mohamed, Abdulla Abdulaziz Abdulla Al-Abbasi, Ali Ahmed Ali Ahmed Mohamed, Hamad Sami Hamad Alnajem, Isa Ali Al Hammadi, Maryam Mohamed Abdullatif Hejres, Mazen Mohamed Abdulrahman Bucheeri, Mohammed Ebrahim Mohammed Bushelaibi and Muneera Ghazi Hareb Al-Ghafri, who earned the Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance, Manar Ebrahim Ahmed Al-Aradi who earned the Certified Associate in Project Management – CAPM, Saud Abdulaziz Hasan Rashid, who earned the Professional Masters in Islamic Banking and Finance, Asma Abdulhameed Ahmed Abdulrahim Abdulla, who earned the Professional Masters in Islamic Banking and Finance and Fatema Adel Abdulla Ahmed Ebrahim, who earned the CIPD Level 3.


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