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Ithmaar Bank launches enhanced, customer-centric website

May 14, 2019 1:43 PM

Ithmaar Bank, a Bahrain-based Islamic retail bank, unveiled an enhanced website ( with a wide range of enhancements including a customer-friendly interface.

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The website enhancement, part of the Bank’s digital initiatives, is more interactive than ever, offers an easy-to-navigate structure for all platforms, and was developed in line with the Bank’s commitment to growing closer to its customers.

The new Ithmaar Bank website, which marks a complete redesign, incorporates the latest trends in website deployment with an emphasis on creativity, usability, functionality, navigation, visual design and ease of use. Customers, for example, are now able to apply for credit cards and financing through the website and can also see for themselves in real time how busy each branch is and how long the queues are.

“We are pleased to launch our new, customer-focused website,” said Ithmaar Bank Chief Executive Officer Ahmed Abdul Rahim. “At Ithmaar Bank, we are committed to becoming the region’s premier retail bank and we recognise the significance of our website as the first interactive interface with our customers,” he said.

“Developing an innovative and interactive website on all platform is part of our commitment to becoming the retail bank of choice and to realising our customer’s demands and expectations,” said Abdul Rahim. “The new Ithmaar Bank website has a new interface for mobile smart phones which automatically adapts itself to the size of the users screen to provide easier, more intuitive navigation. It also includes innovative functionalities which can be viewed across multiple platforms including tablets and desktops,” he said.

“Another useful tool is our online live chat service, which is now more accessible than ever before,” said Abdul Rahim. “With just a click on the chat icon, our team of experts will help our customers with any query. The new website also features Modaraba profit rates which are presented graphically- making the numbers easier to understand,” he said.

The enhanced website also allows users to change the font text sizes in the accessibility options available at the top of the website. The search engine has been modified to help visitors look for the banking options they are searching for. This new feature supports predictive text, which means visitors can save time by simply clicking on the search icon and type in what’s required.

The Thimaar winners’ page can now help visitors searching for their names. The website also provides access to the Bank’s various departments that include Retail Banking, Private Banking, Business Banking and Asset Management.


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